​Lamont Joseph is the founder/executive director of C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization. This organization focuses on the needs of the society and the local community. C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts has been able to feed families, mentor young males, and encourage literacy using the art of barbering as a gateway to connect to the public.

LaMont Joseph, also known as Jaye Da Barber is an ambitious entrepreneur. Along with being the founder of his non-profit organization, he is the CEO of Styles and Creations by Jaye, LLC, and the owner and operator of one of Charlotte, North Carolina’s exclusive grooming studios, LaJohn’s Grooming.

Of all his successful businesses and non-profit ventures, one thing holds true, LaMont takes great pride in being a father and is grateful for the opportunities that come with that role.

“I believe fathers have a greater duty than just being a provider for their children. There are many special experiences to be had together, for example going to a barber shop or a salon! Barber Shops and Salons are not just a place where you get your hair done, they’re places where stories are shared, lessons can be learned, and connections are made.”

Author: Lamont Joseph